Word Count – Jan. 19, 2018

How about that!  I managed to make it back for a second week to talk about progress on my book and then blather about what I’m reading/listening to.  What’s that you say?  Wednesdays?  No, I’m certain I said I’d post about this stuff every Friday.  Today’s Friday, so I’m right on time.

Anyway, I’m sitting now at 53,200 words.  That’s only a little north of 2,000 words added–in, okay a little north of a week–but I’m trying to careful about how I approach Eldridge’s backstory.  There’s a lot of miniature rewrites going on and a ton of resting my chin on both hands.  A lot of my apprehension comes from whether or not it’s a good idea for me to break off from the main story line for what will probably be a little over 10,000 words.  That’s, like, 30 pages.  Further, every bit of the backstory I’ve written so far is beside the main point of the flashback.

To briefly touch on it, Eldridge is a talking sword, but doesn’t remember how in the world he made the transition from knight-errant to pushy magic blade.  So, finally, he sees someone from his past and everything comes rushing at him like a tidal wave, and now he remembers the moment his world came to an end.

Eldridge is in his early thirties, and he’s been a talking for about a month.  So then we have a flashback, and it starts when Eldridge is… seven years old.  I just got to the point where he’s about twelve.  There’s a ways to go.  Today, though, I started to feel a lot better about it, because of the book I started reading:

I’m currently reading The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King on paperback.  That’s right, good old paperback.  It’s kind of a rarity for me.  Honestly, I’ve only been an avid reader for a little over two years now, and most of what I’ve consumed has been via audio book.  My wife bought me a Kindle about a year and a half ago, and I’ve read several books on it (most of them are indie titles, such as Saul or Collided Destinies), but this is probably only the second paperback I’ve put my hands on in that amount of time.  The first was Wool, which I owned on both Kindle and paperback, so I could read it no matter where I was.

Anyway, I’m only on page 35, but I noticed that I’ve hardly even met the main character at this point.  Instead, the book has focused on his parents, and it’s very entertaining stuff.  It’s a nice reminder that the minute-to-minute focus of the book doesn’t have to be on the main character; it just has to be good.  So here’s hoping A Troll and his Bard, especially when not focusing on said troll nor said bard, is good.  🙂

The Eyes of the Dragon is a riot so far.  I showed this passage to about a dozen people so far, and no one’s even cracked a smile, but I’m still laughing at it:


Come nigh and drink this nice hot soup!  *snort* Still funny.

Anyway, so far, it’s a good book.  I look forward to getting deeper into it.

I’m listening to Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  It’s… okay.  This book says fart more often than I would actually fart after eating a full plate of spicy hot wings.  I get the idea the author was deliberately trying to avoid swearing, but this is almost like a TBS overdub.  Fart eater?

I’m enjoying Ender’s apprehension toward being talented.  He’s scared of becoming his brother; a cold-hearted murderer.  And I’m loving his siblings’ side story–was that even in the movie?

Anywho, that’s all for now!  Will I keep this up and diligently make another post next Friday?  Tune in to find out!.  If you’re curious about the last books I was working through, you can check out my reviews for Outland and Extracted.

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