Word Count – Apr. 2, 2018

Okay, fine.  It’s been a gosh-darn long time!  But I have been busy!  Aside from all the Kickstarter stuff going on with Oaxaca, I’ve still managed to read several books, and I’m currently peer-reviewing a friend’s 37K-word book.  Even better, I’m still making good progress with A Troll and his Bard!  I’m up to SIXTY-SEVEN THOUSAND WORDS NOW!  I not only finished Eldridge’s backstory (which, in its entirety, right up until the important moment, was only 4,612 words!  Really happy I was able to tighten that up), I even wrapped up that ordeal in Hamlet.  So that was the end of Part 2.  Now I’m onto Part 3, which starts in a different town, where I began and wrapped up that ordeal!  Whew!  Now, on chapter 27, the goons from the start of the book finally get a hold of the bread crumb trail.  I’ve been looking forward to writing this part for almost a year, so it’s just pouring out of me.


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