All right, fine.

Haha, well, I had a good run of a couple of weeks last year when I did my weekly check-in.  It got hard to do it after a while, though, mostly just because I went for weeks at a time without writing anything.  But I have done some writing!  I’m at a little over 70K words on Troll and His Bard now, and I think I either have to finish it this year or let it go–any longer, and it’s bound to be too disjointed from all the breaks I’ve taken writing it.  Meanwhile, I wrote two short stories at 9K words each.  They’re both sci-fi.  I’ve been contemplating submitting them to monthly publications, but haven’t worked up the nerve yet.  We’ll see what happens.

My plan going forward is to go for monthly Word Counts instead of weekly.  Otherwise, I find I get too sheepish to make a blog post and admit that I haven’t made any progress.  The beauty, though, of having a website that virtually no eyes but my own have seen is that I don’t have to feel ashamed about not getting much done.

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