Word Count – Apr. 27, 2019

Things are looking good!  I’ve been working hard on A Troll and his Bard, bringing my word count up to about 77,000 words.  At the end of the current chapter, they’ll finally reach Hubrook City, and then I’ll be able to dig into Part 4–the final section.  I am very, very excited about it.

Additionally I’ve written two short stories, each around 9,000 words.  One I released recently on Kindle, and I plan on doing the same with the other soon.  I don’t think I’m going to submit these to any publications.  When I self-published the first one, Trial Period, the feedback I got was gratifying and almost immediate–I received positive messages from friends who’d read it within a couple hours.  It hasn’t sold very many copies, but it’s far outsold The Waypoint already.  I suppose I understand why: It’s far easier to set aside the time to read a short story than a novel.  Anyway, because I will be trying to get Troll/Bard published, my plan is to self-publish my short stories to keep the ball rolling and make me feel like I’m actually doing things.  It feels great.  🙂

I’m reading the Harry Potter books this year for the first time.  Additionally, I’m trying to read all the Hugo nominated novels before August so I feel like I can have an opinion, lol.

Okay, onward!

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