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City Book Review: Cormorant Lake


I wrote an editorial review for Cormorant Lake.  It was phenomenal!  Here’s my review: When Evelyn returns home late at night and finds her roommate’s two young girls in a dangerous situation, she finally breaks. She hastily gathers their things and buckles the little girls into the backseat of her ’92 Corolla before racing out of California in …

City Book Review: The Chowderhead Crusades


I wrote an editorial review for The Chowderhead Crusades.  It was great!  Saying anything is the “Ready Player One for fans of [insert thing here]” can have unintended consequences, but I’m telling you, The Chowderhead Crusades is a good book—and, in a few ways, it’s actually more exemplary of the obscure-trivia-with-practical-applications genre than Ready Player One. Here’s my review: …

City Book Review: Past Versus Future


I wrote an editorial review for Past Versus Future.  It was a pretty good book!  Here’s my review: Past Versus Future posits that the big bang was merely a bang in a series of many. Like a cosmic reset button, each bang brings with it a whole new universe where civilizations rise and fall, where species venture beyond their solar …