Note: Baldrick's Tomb was published by 5th Street Games--a company which has since gone out of business. As such, Baldrick's Tomb is out of print but might be found at Miniature Market, Cool Stuff Inc., Funagain Games, Amazon, and more.

When a long-dormant spell threatens to reawaken an evil sorcerer, it's up to four adventurers-for-hire (one of which is you!) to plumb the depths of a dangerous tomb in search of a powerful implement--known simply as Baldrick's Gem--and return it to Baldrick's coffin before it's too late! But beware: amongst the oodles of treasure and magical scrolls lurk Baldrick's inumerable minions and their nasty traps! Do you have what it takes to reach the bottom of Baldrick's Tomb, replace the gem, and claim the reward before the other adventurers?

Illustrated by Erin Fusco & Derek Bacon Manufactured by Quality Playing Cards

"this is a really fun dungeon exploration game that will keep you guessing what is under each stone and gritting your teeth in excitement and apprehension as you flip over the discs to reveal what lies underneath! Monsters? Treasure? Who knows? But even if you find the exit and safety to the next level, you won't want to take it right away. Each level offers new opportunities for powerful items and riches, but watch the number of rounds you have left! Exploring is fun, but don't get caught in the tomb when the roof collapses!"

Father Geek (Full Review)

Baldrick's Tomb is a family-friendly board game designed to emulate the randomly-generated nature of a roguelike video game. 1-4 competing adventurers emerge in random locations on each level and take turns moving around the board and flipping over rubble tokens. Each token--debris in Baldrick's crumbling, ever shifting tomb--conceals treasures, scrolls, monsters, traps, or the single exit needed to advance to the next level.

While the players' mission is to find and return Baldrick's Gem (which offers a hefty bounty), the goal of the game is be the player with the most gold. Gold is earned by finding treasure, defeating monsters, and occasionally stealing from other players. On the other hand, a player's gold is halved when knocked out--either at the hands of a monster, or the crumbling tomb itself. At the end of the fourth level, the player with the most gold wins the game!

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