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Worried that the legacy of his people could be destined for obscurity, King Ahem decided to host a magnificent competition in his dry and dusty kingdom of Meeplestand. Issued to neighboring regions, he called for only the most skilled architects to aid in the construction of a grand tower--one so tall that it would touch the heavens!

In Tower, players take the role of talented architects who must collect, purchase, and build their way to victory--but watch out for the unsavory thugs of the black market, who would happily help you along just as quickly as they would stab you in the back on behalf of your competitors... it all depends on who's footing the bill. The first player to build all three of his/her tower segments is the winner!

Illustrated by Derek Bacon • Manufactured by Quality Playing Cards

18 building material tokens (6 straw, 5 lumber, 4 clay, 3 water barrels), 7 meeples (plus meeple stickers!), 12 tower segments (3 each in 4 different colors), 4 player tableaus, 100 gems, 18 build cards, 24 black market cards, 1 bag (with a printed design), 6 market tiles, palace tile, tax collector tile, solo variant tableau, jail tableau, apprentice cards, royal die, 16-page rulebook, mini poster.

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Players collect gems and then race their opponents to buy the items they need before they are out of stock. The players then use their purchased items to construct segments of the tower. The first player to construct her third tower segment (the top of the tower), therefore leaving her cake-topping, architectural trademark for all to see, is the winner! Will you be the player whose mark is forever left on the tower? 

For more information, please check out Tower's rulebook.

"I am most pleased with Tower. Everyone I have played it with has enjoyed its easy rules and casual play. The game has depth, has never been the same game twice, and has a great deal of visual appeal. The more players you have, the more resources are available, but that does not make for an easier game. The game designer has done an excellent job of creating a game that is both entertaining and frustrating in equal parts. Neither one cancels each other out, but instead compliments the other in perfect balance. And I can tell you that the feeling of joy one gets when they build their third Tower segment is explosive. Tower is truly a wonderful game and well worth every player’s time at the gaming table."

Father Geek (Full Review)

"Tower is an exquisite mesh of setting and mechanism, making it fun and intuitive for hardcore and casual gamers alike; it's careful balance, striking visuals, and quick setup and play time make it an excellent choice for any gaming session."

Duncan Wright, BGG User (Full Review)

"Our group really loved the 'screw your neighbor' element that the black market brings to the game ... Overall I really like [Tower], and would totally recommend it to anybody that likes worker placement games."

JT Smith, Staff Pick Review, The Game Crafter

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