A Troll and his Bard

A first-person, past tense novel told from the perspective of the bard.

A troll, a talking sword, and a bard all walk into a tavern…

When a troll suddenly develops a conscious (especially a pushy conscious in the form of a giant sword possessed by the soul of a knight-errant), he’s going to venture out of his forest and attempt to help a person or two.  When he attempts to help a person or two and they run away screaming, he’s going to rethink his options.  When he rethinks his options, he’s probably going to come across a bard.  And when the bard gets caught up on what’s going on, the two will come to what is probably the only logical conclusion:   the bard will travel ahead to each town and sing songs about the troll’s many heroic (and fictional) exploits. When the troll shows up after everyone has heard tales about his heroic exploits, will people face their fears and accept his help?  A certain troll, sword, and bard really hope they do.

This is the book I’m currently working on.  I’m sitting at about 50K words right now, and halfway done telling the story.  It would be kind of cool if I hit 100K words!