From 2014-2018, I ran a few crowdfunding campaigns.  One was for a board game I made, two were for games my friends made and I helped develop and publish, and one was for an audio book version of The Waypoint.  While my crowdfunding days are probably behind me (though you never know!), I’m proud of the little corner I had on Kickstarter with help from almost 3,000 individuals who liked what I was doing.

Making the pitch videos was a blast.  Ron Petersen made the Tower video himself.  He recorded my speaking part for Project Dreamscape, while I did what I could with the cartoon part.  I made the Waypoint and Oaxaca videos myself, fumbling with Adobe Premier.  Here are the pitch videos for each project:

Tower — From February 17-March 24, 2014, with 1,244 backers.  Games delivered (late) around March 2015.

Project Dreamscape — From February 16-March 18, 2015, with 862 backers.  Games delivered around December 2015.

The Waypoint: An Audio Book Project — March 20-27, 2017, with 48 backers.  Delivered to Audible around November 2017.

Oaxaca:  Crafts of a Culture — From June 12-July 3, 2017, with 758 backers.  Games delivered around August 2018.