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Among the many reasons Oaxaca (pronounced WA-HA-KA) is well known are its exquisite handicrafts. Drawing upon generations of tradition, as well as vast quantities of raw materials, many artists within this state in Southern Mexico dedicate their lives to perfecting their craft.

In Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture, you and up to three friends assume the role of skilled Oaxacan handicraftsmen preparing to craft and sell art at a bustling tianguis in Oaxaca City. Will you reach a distinguished position with your exquisite craftsmanship, or are your crafts common for the culture?

Designed by Sarah & Will Reed Developed by Ben Haskett
Illustrated by Derek Bacon Manufactured by Shuffled Ink

Inside Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture, you'll find a 20-page rule book, 5 handiracft decks (24 Jewelry cards, 24 Pottery cards, 24 Tin Art cards, 24 Textile cards, and 24 Woodcarving cards), 15 Tourist cards, 10 solo variant cards, 4 Banner cards, 4 Reference cards, 1 Start Player token, 1 Round Tracker, 60 Craft Cubes, 4 player mats, 1 solo player mat, 20 dice, 4 meeples, 8 meeple stickers, and a 14-card, food-themed expansion deck called Taste of Oaxaca.

For an in-depth look at the game (using the prototype components), check out G-Club's how-to-play video plus a how-to-play video for the solo variant.

For a detailed play example, check out Rahdo's runthrough and final thoughts.

Also check out Beyond Solitaire's written Solo Review and Tabletop Games Blog's written review.

In Spanish:

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