Probably Time to Start Writing Stuff Down


This is actually the second time I’ve given the above title to a blog post on this website. The first time was on April 3, 2017, for a post that is now deleted. I made it shortly after the Kickstarter campaign for my audio book wrapped up. Then this blog pretty much sat here for the rest of the year.

But that’s okay! Fresh starts and all that. A pal and fellow writer named Allen Lamb started a website for his first book, The Wrylin, and it inspired me to start making use of this blog. I’ve made it my new year’s resolution to use this website in 2018 as much as possible. Happy New Year. I even registered a new domain name for it–! Progress!

My goal in 2018, other than using this site more, is to finish my book, A Troll and His Bard, and start begging my friends and family to read it. When and if they do, I’m either going to try my luck with Kindle Scout (which would involve more begging from my friends and family), or seek traditional publishing. Both scare me. Let’s see what happens!

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  • Good luck!

    I certainly understand giving up on the blog… I’ve posted a few things and almost no one has seen them. It’s a bit discouraging to look at stats and see “0 views, 0 visitors.”

    But, I hear ya! Don’t give up!

  • Whoa! A comment! Thanks, duder! Yeah, my goal is to not give up no matter what, even if this turns out to be a personal journal. So far so good! Thanks for inspiring me to get back into it!

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