All Around the Watchtower, a short story, now on Kindle.


Another short story!  Progress with A Troll and his Bard continues to be slow, but to keep myself sharp I’ve been working on more short stories.  All Around the Watchtower went live on Amazon on February 1, 2020.

You can grab it on Kindle for $2.99.  This short tale is about a crew of four astronauts who awaken long after they were supposed to.  Having sailed right past the Jovian moon they were headed for, they instead end up somewhere in the Oort cloud and encounter a mysterious object that seems impossible: a column almost 20 meters long that houses six enormous eyes.  Their attempts to make sense of it result in more questions than answers, and some of the crew will go farther than others to understand its purpose.

This one is just shy of 11 thousand words, which comes out to around 45 pages.